Our Service


ICONIC INDONESIA is Japan recruitment company offer recruitment solution for global clients in Indonesia. We understand finding the right talent is a daunting task for every company. That is why we tailor our service to match every requirement of all Industries Our dedicated team of expert consultant will able to assist in executive search, multilingual recruitment (interpreter) and staffing services (short-term).

Please contact ICONIC.

Our consultants handle with you promptly.

Affirmation of recruitment information

Let us know your recruitment information in detail, such as job description, job requirement, working condition, etc.

We can find out the suitable candidate.

Select candidates

We will provide you information of suitable candidate.

Please check again and feedback to us whether you want to set the interview with them.


We will arrange interview for you with the candidate.

Final selection

Please let us know the result of the interview. We will inform to the candidate whether they pass the interview or not.

Join the company

We will negotiate with candidate about start date and follow up candidate until they start working.

HR Consulting

Managing Human Resource related issues become big barrier when companies expand their business globally since each countries have each labor law and business customs.

We will fully support any company who want to start business, just started business and doing business in Indonesia for any labor related matter such as HR Management System, HR Development, Labor Management such as visa, payroll, insurance, working regulations and so on by partnering with local consultants, trainers, law firm, accounting firm and other vendors time to time upon necessity. We are available in Japanese, English and Indonesian.

HR Business Intelligence

HR Management

HR system Health Check

We will investigate about all documents relating to your company HR system in both current version and revised draft version and feedback to you in the report & face to face meeting.

Benchmark suvey

We will provide the benchmark report about salary, allowance, incentive rule welfare, benefit and so on by comparing with your direct competitors. We will hold a feedback meeting based on the report.

HR System Design Project

We will make the draft revisions of your HR system as a project manager. We will provide you the meeting once per two weeks to get feedback from you about our proposal and make final version of your HR system.

HR Development

HR Development System Design

  • Design succession plan
  • Design planned system for trainings in your company

Stratified Training

  • To develop executive talents based on succession planning
  • To develop local managerial talents
  • To strengthen sales force
  • To strengthen employees' engagement
  • To strengthen employees' Japanese business manner

Human Assessment

  • Assessment for Managerial Posts
  • Assessment for Job-Change (Worker to Staff etc)

Skill Training

  • To strengthen the business skills listed below:
    1. Logical Thinking
    2. Problem solving
    3. Objective setting
    4. Evaluation skill
    5. Time Management
    6. Communication
    7. Leadership - Followership
    8. Coaching Skill
    9. Facilitation Skill etc.

HR Business Intelligence

Labor Market Research

Salary & Benefit survey focusing on Japanese companies in Indonesia We conduct survey on Indonesian Labor Market by changing the theme every year depending on the trend of our client's interests.

Legal Consultation

You can understand points of labor law through the detail commentary of review by the Japanese consultant.

Your employment agreement, working roles and company policies will be reviewed by the law firm who has strong knowledge relating to those area.

Our proposal based on the knowledge of Indonesian Labor Law will help your labor department to solve any issue which will face to in daily works.

HR Outsourcing Service

We will provide you not only consultation for preparing the necessary documents but also agency service to get approval for work permit, Visa etc application.

HR Management